Kilwa Bay is recognized as the most beautiful bay in southern Tanzania. The white sand, the smooth climate, old style fisherman’s village and outstanding wonders of the African luxurious vegetation are just the edge of the fascinating environment the visitor is confronted with, once looking the panorama.
Kilwa is famous in the world for the ruins that are UNESCO...


Kimbilio Lodges is located on the Kilwa beach in Mso Bay, just on the waterfront, in one of the most beautiful and still unspoiled corners of the world.

“Kimbilio” indeed means “safe heaven” in Swahili. The beach is candid white, and water is crystal clear. Kilwa is a paradise for diving – see Underwater Excursions , yet its location is also ideal for Excursions in the inland: infinite variety of animal life can be admired by the comfortable car trips we organize. We also propose Boat Excursions towards the amazing ancient ruins from the past centuries: Kilwa first historical foundation dates back to 9th century and has been a very important commercial center from 9th to 16th century. Kilwa is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site: Kilwa - UNESCO.

Kilwa climate is very favorable and all you need to bring with you is t-shirts and one sweater for the evening. Temperature usually ranges from 24 to 30 C (75 to 86 F) all around the year, and the only uncomfortable period is the rain season from the beginning of April to the 1st half of June, when we are closed. All the remaining periods are ideal for holiday, winter and summer, Easter and Christmas! Kimbilio Lodge offers 10 bungalows located few meters from the beach, and a cosy mess where you may taste local specialties, grilled meat and fish and international cuisine. Kimbilio is indeed managed by an Italian company and we often propose Italian dishes in our Mess.