Diving in Kilwa is a great experience for all divers, right from Kimbilio Lodge.
Kilwa Masoko gives a great diversity with numerous options ranging from shallow dives, deep dives, caves, to drift dives and archeological dives. Visibility is usually above 20 mt. The diving centre, the only one in a 200 miles radius, has brand new equipment, Bauer compressors. We dive with groups of up 10 divers.

Big rock dive:
Very interesting dive, about 40min by boat. This is a “wild”dive start from 8mt to 25mt and look like a lunar landscape. With rocks and corals and differents kinds of fishes. At -22mt start a drop off. Drop off is from -22mt to -45mt at -30/35mt there are some big gorgonia and many little caves. Take a look to the blue cause is easy to find jack fish or tuna. Also at the end of the dive at about -10mt there are many bigs anemones with a lot of different clow fish.
Peace garden:
Located in songa mnara island about 1.30hours by boat. This dive is the first one we meet in the island. Is close to a laguna into the mangrovia of the island. Start from -7m to -20mt. Here is possible to find many soft corals and giant tridacna with different colours like pink, or blue. Good dive for take underwater pics cause u have sun in the morning and afternoon too. With the reef on the right u start the navigation from the boat to the open sea. After about 20min there is a corner where u turn right and u will find a little wall from -22mt to about -35mt. Here is also possible find turtles.

Octopus garden:
Another beautiful dive in songa mnara island. In front of a wild beach. about 1.30 hours by boat. This dive offer a great coral garden where is easy to meet octopus and turtles. Start from -5mt to -18mt. Also a good dive for take pics. The visibility is superb and we have all the wonderfuls colours of indian ocean. Is also possible find murenas. Parrot fish angel fish and clow fish are everywhere.

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