Diving in Kilwa is a great experience for all divers, right from Kimbilio Lodge.
Kilwa Masoko gives a great diversity with numerous options ranging from shallow dives, deep dives, caves, to drift dives and archeological dives. Visibility is usually above 20 mt. The diving centre, the only one in a 200 miles radius, has brand new equipment, Bauer compressors. We dive with groups of up 10 divers.

Coral Garden:
About 30 min by boat, at the northern edge of the bay lays a fantastic Coral Garden; in shallow waters, from 8 to 16 mt. Has a great variety of corals, brains fans, clown fish, lion fish morays, spotted mantas just to mention few.
White tip corner:
The Coral Garden ends with a soft slope to reach the White tip Corner. Is a wonderful dive between 18 and 25 mt. Where the currents of the bay and the Indian Ocean meet creating a perfect spot where to see turtles as well as predators such as the White and Black tip sharks lying on the bottom. Barracudas, Mantas and often many friendly dolphins enjoy having a bit of fun with divers.

Henry’s lane:
Coming into the bay from the Coral Garden, about 20 min by boat ride from the Kimbilio Lodge, Henry’s Lane is a great drift dive. Named after his discoverer, after a couple of hundred yards in the shallow waters covered with corals Henry’s Lane plunges down a wall covered with caves to about 22 mt. A gentle drift gives the idea of being at cinema watching numerous schools of different coral fish passing by. As well as great coral formations.
Fire coral garden:
Quiete and easy dive about 15min by boat this dive is situated inside the kilwa bay close to the magrovia forest. Start from 2mt to 8mt. Full of fire corals and acroporas and giants tridacnas. There are also different kinds of clown fish and parrot fish. Cause this dive is very close to mangrovia is possible to find baby sharks.